Implementation of the New Timesheet

We are pleased to introduce a functionality in the ARTWIN workshop management system that will greatly simplify the management of employee working hours and company resources. 


The new Timesheet is a powerful tool that gives you full control over your work schedule and provides transparency regarding holidays, overtime, downtime and absences.


Key features of the new Timesheet include:

1. Flexible Working Time Schedule: You can now easily view the working time schedules for all employees in one place. This allows you to optimize your workload and ensure that the most important shifts and periods are covered.

2. Holiday Tracking: The system displays employee holidays not only in the scheduler but also in the timesheet, which greatly simplifies the work of Directors and Managers.

3. Monitoring Downtime and Overtime: Now you will always know when employees start early or finish late, and when there is downtime. This will help you manage your resources more efficiently.

4. Absence Notifications: If an employee does not turn up for work, the system will display this on the timesheet, allowing timely action to be taken.


This update greatly simplifies the management of your workshop, increases efficiency and reduces potential scheduling errors. We are committed to providing you with everything you need to make your workshop a success.


Don't miss the opportunity to improve your workshop with a new Timesheet! Contact our support team by e-mail to learn more and start using this powerful tool today.