ARTWIN Update (version 5.2.0)

We are pleased to introduce several new features to our Workshop Management System. These updates are aimed at improving accounting accuracy, operational efficiency and system usability.

1. Timers for automatic time tracking

We have brought back timers for those workshops that prefer to use automatic time tracking. Features have now been added to the system's main settings that allow for flexible time tracking to be customised to suit the individual needs of each workhop. Worklogs and timers are now fully integrated with cases and statistics to ensure accurate time tracking and control.


Accurate automatic timekeeping: The system automatically tracks the time spent on each task, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This provides more accurate and responsive time tracking, minimising human error and potential errors. Accurate task times allow for better analysis of employee productivity and work performance, which helps to better inform resource and task planning.

Easy customisation: Features have been added to the system's main settings to allow the timers to be customised to suit the needs of a particular car service. Users can choose which operations and tasks should be tracked automatically, set parameters for different types of tasks and personnel.This allows each auto body shop to customise the system to suit their unique workflows and needs. Settings can be changed at any time, providing flexibility and adaptability to the system. The ability to customise time tracking settings for specific tasks and staff facilitates more efficient time and resource management.

Increased transparency and control: Automatic time tracking and integration with cases provide a high degree of transparency in time tracking. Management can easily track the time spent on each task and get accurate data to analyse performance. This helps in identifying bottlenecks and areas for improvement, which helps in improving the efficiency of the auto body shop. Transparent time tracking also helps motivate employees as they can see their performance and improve it.

2. Improvement of the order application in accordance with the latest legal requirements

We have improved one of our order applicatation to ensure it is fully compliant with the latest legal requirements. The changes made cover all necessary legal aspects, ensuring full compliance with current regulations.


Compliance with legislation: The updated purchase order includes all the necessary requisites and wording required by the latest changes in legislation. This ensures that your workshop documents comply with all current legal requirements, which reduces the risk of legal problems and increases customer confidence.

Increased legal protection: All elements of the work order have been updated in accordance with legal regulations, including information on the rights and obligations of the parties, payment terms and warranty obligations.This provides additional protection for both the workshop and customers, creating clear and transparent conditions for work and services.

Usability: Despite complying with legal requirements, the purchase order remains user-friendly and easy to use. All changes are implemented in such a way that the document is logical and easy to read. It facilitates the work of car service centre employees when drawing up documents and interacting with customers, increasing overall efficiency.

3. New search with keyboard control

We have implemented a new search that can now be controlled from the keyboard. This search has become more convenient and feature-rich, providing car service users with more efficient and faster access to the information they need.


Keyboard control: The new search supports full keyboard control, allowing users to quickly and easily find the information they need without the need for a mouse. This improves the speed and usability of the system, especially for those who prefer to use the keyboard for navigation. Users can quickly navigate through search results and select the items they need, greatly speeding up the workflow.

More user-friendly interface: The search interface has been redesigned to improve usability and intuitiveness. The new interface simplifies interaction with the system, making the search process clearer and easier. The improved design helps users quickly navigate through search results and find the information they are looking for with minimal effort.

Improved functionality: Search has become more feature-rich, supporting advanced criteria and filters to find information more accurately. Users can use a variety of search options to quickly access the data they need, making it easier to use the system and increasing productivity. Advanced search capabilities make it easy to find specific information that matches specified criteria.

These upgrades represent a step forward in improving the workshop management system. They increase the accuracy of data recording and analysis, make working with the system more convenient and efficient, and provide a high level of flexibility and control. As a result, car workshops will be able to optimise their business processes, improve customer service and increase overall productivity. We continue to work on improving our system to provide you with the most modern and efficient tools for your business.

We wish you a successful and productive week.

If you have any questions about the update, or would like to know more about our program, please contact by email