ARTWIN Update (version 5.0.5)

We are delighted to stand before you today to share some exciting news. In our ongoing commitment to excellence and user satisfaction, we have worked on enhancing our Workshop Management System, and today, we are thrilled to introduce you to the latest update that brings a host of new functionalities and improvements.

1.  Hyperlinks in Client Comments, Notes, and Recommendations 


Now, you can seamlessly insert links within client comments, notes, and recommendations. This enhancement empowers you to incorporate web links directly into your communication, facilitating easy access to referenced websites, documents, or any online resources. Whether you're sharing technical specifications, reference materials, or additional information, the ability to include hyperlinks ensures a smoother workflow.


How it Works: 


In client comments, notes, or recommendations, simply paste the desired link. The system will automatically recognize and render the hyperlink. Clicking on the link will directly open the associated website or resource.



Effortless Information Sharing: Share pertinent information without the need for lengthy explanations by linking directly to relevant websites or documents. Enhanced Collaboration: Collaborate seamlessly by providing quick access to external resources that complement your communication. 

2.     Workshop Desc Module Division by Organizations


Now, the Workshop Desc Module is intelligently divided by organizations, providing a seamless and organized way to manage workshops with multiple branches. This functionality is a game-changer for those overseeing operations across various locations.


Key Highlights: 


Organized Overview: Gain a comprehensive view of your workshop operations with a structured breakdown of workshop descriptions based on organizations. Easily navigate and access information specific to each branch. 


Efficient Workflow: Streamline your workflow by focusing on the details relevant to a particular organization. This division ensures that you can efficiently manage and update workshop information without unnecessary clutter.

Enhanced Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration among different branches by centralizing information relevant to each organization. This feature promotes better communication and coordination across the entire workshop network.

3.  Redesigned Board Module for a More Compact, Faster, and Informative Interface.


The Board Module has undergone a transformation, now offering a more compact and informative visual interface. This update aims to provide users with a streamlined and efficient overview of workshop activities, schedules, and progress.


Visual Transformation Highlights:  


Compact Design: The Board Module has undergone a sleek makeover, featuring a more compact layout. This modern design ensures that you can access crucial information without unnecessary clutter, making the interface cleaner and more visually appealing. 


Improved Speed: Experience a faster and more responsive Board Module. We've optimized the performance to enhance the speed of loading and navigating through the module, allowing you to accomplish tasks swiftly and with minimal wait times.

Enhanced Information Delivery: The redesign prioritizes essential information, providing at-a-glance insights into workshop activities, schedules, and ongoing tasks. This streamlined presentation aims to make your decision-making process quicker and more informed.

4. New Holiday and Absence Type - "Other"


In response to your requests for more flexibility, we've introduced a new and versatile category:


Key Features: 

Versatility: The addition of the "Other" category provides a flexible option to categorize holidays and absences that may not fit into predefined types. Whether it's for unique observances, personal events, or custom reasons, this category ensures that you can accurately document and manage a wide range of time-off scenarios.

Custom Descriptions: Users can now add custom descriptions when selecting the "Other" category, allowing for specific details about the nature of the holiday or absence. This customization ensures clarity and transparency in communication within the workshop management system.

5. Document Style Overhaul for Comprehensive Data Representation


In response to user feedback and our commitment to improving data inclusivity, we've revamped the style of most documents to ensure a seamless representation of all relevant information.


Key Improvements:  


Adaptive Styling: To overcome limitations in accommodating various data types, we've redesigned the style of most documents. The new formatting ensures that a broader range of data, including non-traditional or diverse information, is accurately and aesthetically presented.

Enhanced Readability: The updated style prioritizes clarity and readability, facilitating a better understanding of complex or varied data. Whether it's text, tables, or other content, the new design aims to provide a more user-friendly and informative document structure.

6. Unique Purchase Invoice Option in Main Settings


We are thrilled to announce a powerful new functionality in ARTWIN that adds a layer of precision and control to your purchase processes. In response to user demands for enhanced invoice management, we present:


Key Feature Highlights:  


Tailored Invoice Number Control: In the main settings of the Workshop Management System, administrators now have the option to enable a unique purchase invoice setting. When activated, this feature ensures that only one purchase can be associated with each invoice number.

Streamlined Purchase Management: This functionality prevents inadvertent errors or duplications in purchase invoicing, providing a systematic approach to managing financial transactions.

7. Add New Commodities Directly from the Purchase Window


We're delighted to introduce a highly-requested feature in the ARTWIN, designed to make your workflow even more efficient. Introducing:


Key Highlights: 


On-the-Fly Commodity Addition: Now, within the Purchase Window, users have the ability to seamlessly add new commodities without navigating to a separate interface. This feature eliminates the need for multiple steps, providing a quicker and more streamlined process.

Simplified Procedure: Save time and effort by adding new commodities directly where you need them the most – in the midst of creating a purchase record. This enhancement is designed to enhance user experience and increase overall operational efficiency.

8. Automated Sale Price Calculation for New Commodities


We are thrilled to unveil a smart enhancement in the ARTWIN that simplifies the commodity management process. Introducing:


Key Feature Highlights:  


Effortless Sale Price Setting: When adding a new commodity to your stock, you can now enter the sale amount upfront. The system will intelligently calculate and automatically fix the sale price when the commodity is added to a case.

Real-Time Pricing Precision: This feature ensures that the sale price is instantly determined based on your initial input, eliminating the need for additional steps or manual adjustments.

9. Font Size Adjustment for a More Comfortable Data Display


We are delighted to introduce a highly requested feature in the Workshop Management System, empowering you with greater control over the visual presentation of data. Introducing:


Key Highlights: 


Customizable Font Size: Now, within the system settings, users have the ability to adjust the font size according to their preferences. This feature allows for a more comfortable and personalized data display tailored to individual needs.

Improved Readability: Whether you prefer a larger font for better visibility or a more compact display for increased information density, the font size adjustment ensures an optimized viewing experience.

10. Issued Invoice Date Field in Commodity Purchase Window


We're thrilled to announce a valuable addition to the ARTWIN, designed to provide you with more detailed and accurate record-keeping. Introducing:  


Key Feature Highlights:  


Issued Invoice Date Tracking: A new dedicated field is now available in the Commodity Purchase Window for capturing the date when the invoice was issued. This feature enhances your ability to maintain a comprehensive record of your commodity transactions. 

Improved Record Accuracy: By including the Issued Invoice Date field, you can now precisely document and track the timing of each commodity purchase, ensuring that your records are not only detailed but also aligned with your invoicing timelines.

These updates are a result of not only our dedication to innovation but also your valuable input. Your feedback has been instrumental in shaping these enhancements, and we encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts as we strive to make our Workshop Management System the best it can be.  

Thank you for choosing our Workshop Management System. We are excited about the possibilities these updates bring and look forward to supporting you in optimizing your workshop operations.


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